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Instant Online Valuation

Instant Online Valuation

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When it comes to the value of your property you can choose how you find an estimate, options available include employing a Chartered Surveyor (Registered Valuer) for which you’d have to pay a fee; ask say three Estate Agents to provide their market appraisals (they may have their own reasons for providing a number that suits them) and/or undertaking your own research or indeed a combination of any of these.  The first option is possibly the most accurate method, however to get a guide you can use our FREE online valuation tool as guidance and then market the property at that figure or some other you choose.

Whilst the tool can provide a guide figure, it’s not going to tell you what you can achieve as each property and location is individual, as is every buyer.  However it may provide a useful guide if you choose not to adopt one of the more accurate and/or expensive options outlined above.

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The information used is derived from third party sources, as such we cannot warranty or otherwise guarantee that the eventual sale price will be similar to that provided.  The tool should be used with caution and for guidance purposes only, always seek the advice of a professional Chartered Surveyor before buying or selling a property.

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